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Dash is bringing multiple spatial datasets and a growing library of spatial analysis tools to help you do your location research faster and more efficient anywhere.

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We've done the collecting. So you can focus on analysing

More than 50% of the research process spent on data processing from collecting, cleansing, and standardizing.

Dash provides open and premium data from multiple sources on a standardized spatial database. No need to spend more time in data processing; start your analysis right away.

Explore our continuously expanding data library:

Administrative boundaries presented in picture or pdf format may limit your ability to grasp the location aspect in your research.

Get the administrative boundaries until sub-district level and display it on a map instantly.

No need to download for more than 30 statistic documents then copy and paste it into your sheet just to get the demographic data for the analysis.

Access the most recent census data in sub-district scale include the number of population, population density, age, and more through Dash Catalogue.

Location data to enrich your analysis, such as school, health facility, and economic facility.

Knowing what’s nearby of your current or potential business location can add more insight for your customer segmentation.

The number of points of interest is growing; updating the data regularly can take your team’s work. Get the POI data from the Dash Catalog and use it for your analysis directly.

Government regulation is one of the important layers for the business and building permit. Either digging the information from a hundred pages of documents or visit directly to the office can waste your time.

Dash Catalog also provides the spatial plan from the city and detailed scale in the library that presented in location-based. Just put your site location on the map and get the regulation directly.

The availability of public transportation can generate more visitors in one place and adding location accessibility value to your location.

Get the transportation point of Jabodetabek commuter line, MRT, LRT, and train station for both that have already operated in the city and also the planned infrastructure to advance your location insight.

Need to collect specific data? You can request for a custom dataset.


Build your own module

We understand that each company has its own specific needs and unique business process.

Our growing tools and modules will help automate and accelerate your location research work. Dash is capable to tailor your need to turn the data into a location insight using a custom-made module for your company and client specific workflow.


Instant Report Generator

Combining all the modules and compile it into a report that can be used as a reference media or a general brief of a location.

Use Case

From property developer, broker and valuator, to retail business. Learn how dash can accelerate your business process.

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